The Metaphor of the Pancake

The Metaphor of the Pancake

2018 feels like the flip-side of some ‘BIG LIFE EVENTS’ for me – building houses and babies (or a house and a baby – careful now, hyperbole) – and strengthening again after some buffeting about by those winds of change.

With a new-look site comes a desire to fill it again with the things that inspired me before BIG LIFE EVENTS consumed me somewhat.

This desire to write has ‘creped’ up on me (sorry, not sorry) and now, once again, I give a toss about creating (N.B – swearing’s okay if it’s pun-related).

Given this Tuesday’s batter-related gastronomy, when I was asked to write something on my favourite food, the metaphor of the pancake got stuck to the ceiling of my mind.

The Metaphor of the Pancake

You’re a little bit battered – by regret, a cold winter, existential dread.

You’re in the frying pan, getting fried. But – the right flip can turn you around: make you into something more taught, tastier, turn your pallid yellow mush into a bronzed glow…

All you need is to give one good toss.

That’s why pancake day’s flipping brilliant. It’s about renewal. And carbohydrate! The energy to do it. What a day.

What’s on the flip-side of your bad day? How easy is it to flip things around? Why does the lemon/sugar combo taste so flippin’ good?

For a little flash fiction on the topic of pancakes take a stroll over here.


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